Which Furniture Is Right for Your Deck?

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor furniture set to bring your new deck to life? Leave it to the professionals. All you need to do is let us know your budget, the square footage of your deck, and what style of furniture you have in mind for your outdoor space. Measure your deck and we will handle the rest.

After you complete the quiz we’ll provide three unique furniture sets that can make your deck feel like home, whether you want a private retreat for relaxation or a cozy spot to share a meal with family. Let’s get started!

Deck planning tips from the blog

Deck Design Ideas

A remodeled or brand-new deck presents endless possibility. Do you go for ultra-modern pieces and clean lines to create an upscale, contemporary space? Or lean into rustic, relaxed furniture choices to cultivate a haven of relaxation and entertainment? All outdoor deck ideas should marry function and practicality with fun and form.


Material Matters in Decking and Deck Furniture

Constructing or remodeling a deck is a large scale project that, if executed properly, can transform any outdoor space into a cooking, dining, and relaxation retreat fit for royalty. Before you dive too deep into deck design ideas you must make some fundamental and important decisions. Namely: what material(s) will you use for your decking material and deck furniture?


Restoring an Old Deck: New Furniture, New Look

Here are our top backyard deck ideas, and the furniture you need to bring your new outdoor deck design to life. Read on for styling and design tips to put the finishing touches on your new space once you lay the foundation with outdoor furniture.


Deck Ideas for Small Yards

Any backyard space is suitable for a lively entertaining area, fine outdoor dining, or a mixture of fun and fashionable decorative elements. Decks for small yards aren’t limited by their size — you simply have to be more selective with your vision and choose one to two functions for your deck. Follow our guide and bring your outdoor space to life with our backyard deck ideas.


How to Take Our Outdoor Deck Furniture Quiz

Discover great options for furnishing your deck by answering three simple questions — you’ll be able to browse personalized outdoor furniture options in just seconds.

Question 1

First, let us know what your budget is for furnishing your deck. Keep in mind that larger sets for accommodating big groups will inevitably cost more than smaller furniture sets.

  • $0-1,499: Looking for a small deep seating set, or classic bar chairs? Furniture sets in this price range will contain one to three pieces of furniture all constructed to withstand the elements and last a lifetime.
  • $1,500-2,499: By boosting your budget to the second option you will have more options for 5- or 7-piece dining sets, and you can consider our latest collections.
  • $2,500-3,499: Create an outdoor oasis or add relaxed comfort to your dining experience by moving to the third budget level. These sets will contain the latest designs and will include more pieces.
  • $3,500+: When you want the highest-quality furniture for large groups you should consider the highest budget level. Here you can choose a variety of 7-piece dining sets and deep seating conversation sets to get your entire family outside enjoying your deck.

After completing the quiz, you can retake it and shift the budget up or down to see what other types of furniture sets are possible given your price range.

Question 2

Next, let us know the size of your deck.

Use a measuring tape to measure each side of your deck to the nearest whole number in feet. It doesn’t matter which side you enter as length and which side you enter as width — just make sure you use an accurate measurement.

Please note that you must input a number larger than zero in order to move on to the next question. When recommending outdoor furniture sets for you, we will also factor in enough space so you can comfortably navigate around your dining set or deep seating furniture without bumping into the railing or squeezing past your end table.

Question 3

Finally, choose a general style of furniture that you prefer. This will help us narrow down the options so we can recommend the best sets to complement your home and match the rest of your outdoor furniture pieces. While we stock several unique furniture collections, you only need to choose between three looks:

  • Traditional: Boasting versatile, timeless construction, our traditional furniture collections are both familiar and effortlessly stylish. Enjoy unparalleled class while transitioning from entertaining to dining for year-round comfort.
  • Coastal: Go with a coastal look if you’ve got a deck overlooking a pool, lake, or other body of water. Coastal looks typically contain seashell styles, curved slats, and rounded backs to echo the gentle curves of ocean waves.
  • Contemporary: Whether you’re looking for an ultra-modern look or simply something with straight lines and minimal design elements, you can’t go wrong with a contemporary furniture style. Embrace sophisticated styles that utilize frames constructed with both POLYWOOD® lumber and powder-coated aluminum.

These three styles pull from our Surf City, Parsons, Rockport, Yacht Club, Cape Cod, and Monterey Bay collections. Regardless of what style you initially pick, be sure to browse other styles of outdoor furniture available at Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ to see what catches your eye.


Based on your budget, preferred style, and the size of your deck we will recommend up to three distinctive furniture sets for you. Each set will include a short description, and you can click on your recommended furniture sets to learn more about them, including their dimensions, color options, and features.

Trex Outdoor Furniture sets are designed to withstand even the most extreme weather elements without cracking, rotting, chipping, or splitting. The quick-drying performance fabric in our deep seating set cushions resists bacterial buildup and repels moisture. UV-inhibitors and stabilizers run through the genuine POLYWOOD® lumber to keep colors looking vibrant after years of constant sun exposure.

After you furnish your deck with a new set of outdoor furniture, you can expect it to support your family and breathe life into your outdoor space for a generation. So, take the quiz as many times as you like to make the right choice!