Outdoor Counter Height Tables




Outdoor Counter Tables from Trex® Outdoor Furniture™

Raise a glass, gather your closest friends, or simply enjoy the expansive view from your deck seated at an outdoor counter table. Representing the happy medium between lower dining tables and higher bar tables, counter tables provide an ideal combination of elevation and grounded design for accessible yet professional outdoor furniture.

How to Use Your Outdoor Counter Tables

Look no further for a taller outdoor dining option. Trex Outdoor Furniture counter height tables accommodate a wide variety of dining or food preparation needs for your patio, balcony, or porch. Higher than a dining table but lower than a bar table, our counter tables provide a casual place for guests to convene, set down a drink, or carry on a conversation.

Situate counter table next to your expansive outdoor grill so all of your ingredients, utensils, and spices are within arm’s reach. Pair it with matching counter chairs to designate the perfect alcove for a quiet breakfast or evening game of cards anywhere along your deck. Counter tables are the ultimate answer to relaxed dining and laid-back revelry in the comfort of your own yard.

Features of Trex Outdoor Counter Tables

With our solid and dependable genuine POLYWOOD® lumber you don’t have to worry about inclement weather or exposure to direct sunlight when positioning your outdoor furniture. Counter tables from Trex Outdoor Furniture won’t rot, crack, peel, split, or chip even when rain, snow, wind, and beating sun take their toll year after year.

Another benefit of our durable lumber: minimal maintenance is required to keep your outdoor counter tables looking their best. When occasional debris and grime build up on the surface of your counter table simply use a soft-bristle brush and wipe away dirt with a combination of warm water and gentle soap. For more in-depth cleaning tips check out our blog.

The 20-year limited warranty on all of our outdoor counter tables reinforces the Trex Outdoor Furniture difference: when you invest in quality you expect it to last for generations. We approach all of our designs with this in mind to ensure satisfaction with every purchase.

Where to Enjoy Your Outdoor Counter Tables

Under the canopy of night

Bask in the simple pleasure of a sky full of stars as you and your family enjoy an informal dinner of burgers and fries. Circle around a Monterey Bay 36-inch Counter Table or upgrade to a spacious Monterey Bay 48-inch Counter Table if you love hosting.

By the pool

Keep a selection of cool beverages and salty snacks on hand when the kids take a break from cannonballs and water gun fights. Choose from a variety of sizes to suit your poolside needs, whether it’s just your kids or the entire neighborhood splashing around this summer. The weatherproof HDPE lumber will stand up to cannonball contests and bright UV rays without skipping a beat.

Counter Table Color Options

Outdoor counter tables are available in our collection of neutral and Earth tone lumber hues. Pigment is added during the manufacturing process so the color runs all the way through the lumber for lasting quality.