Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay Collection



  1. Monterey Bay

    Monterey Bay Bar Arm Chair

    +7 POLYWOOD® colors
  2. Monterey Bay

    Monterey Bay Dining Side Chair

    +7 POLYWOOD® colors
  3. Monterey Bay

    Monterey Bay Dining Arm Chair

    +7 POLYWOOD® colors
  4. Monterey Bay

    Monterey Bay Bar Side Chair

    +7 POLYWOOD® colors
  5. Monterey Bay

    Monterey Bay 5-Piece Round Dining Set

    4 Arm Chairs + Round Dining Table
    +7 POLYWOOD® colors
  6. Monterey Bay

    Monterey Bay 7-Piece Dining Set

    4 Side Chairs + 2 Arm Chairs + Rectangular Dining Table
    +7 POLYWOOD® colors
  7. Monterey Bay

    Monterey Bay Counter Arm Chair

    +7 POLYWOOD® colors
  8. Monterey Bay

    Monterey Bay 5-Piece Round Bar Set

    4 Bar Arm Chairs + Round Bar Table
    +7 POLYWOOD® colors
  9. Monterey Bay

    Monterey Bay Counter Side Chair

    +7 POLYWOOD® colors
  10. Monterey Bay

    Monterey Bay 3-Piece Round Bar Set

    2 Bar Arm Chairs + Round Bar Table
    +7 POLYWOOD® colors

Create an effortless outdoor escape with the Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ Monterey Bay Collection. Inspired by the laid-back elegance of the homes along California’s salt-soaked coastline, the classic Monterey Bay pieces take you from entertaining to dining, no matter the time of day or season.

Whether the scent of salt air permeates the breezes off your back deck, or you simply crave poolside dining in your suburban neighborhood, each piece in the Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ Monterey Bay Collection elevates your experience.

Clean, classic lines characterize the collection, and we offer a variety of table and chair heights to ensure you find your perfect fit.

  • Entertain friends while gathering around the Monterey Bay 7-Piece Dining Set. Four side chairs, two arm chairs, and a large rectangular table ensure plenty of room for any occasion.

  • Throw a smaller brunch on the Monterey Bay 5-Piece Dining Set, with its 48-inch round table flanked by four dining arm chairs.

  • Pull up a Bar Arm Chair or two around our bar table. We offer the round tables in both 36-inch and 48-inch widths.  

  • In lieu of actual counter space, add a pair of counter-height tables to your outdoor kitchen. Available in both 48-inch and 36-inch widths, the tables, along with counter bar chairs, work well in small spaces.

  • For a more eclectic look, choose dining chairs from one of our other collections and arrange them around a Monterey Bay Round 48-inch Dining Table.

Colors That Complement the Landscape.

Like our other collections, the Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ Monterey Bay pieces stand out with timeless design and signature colors. In the design process, we add pigment to the all-weather lumber to ensure the color runs all the way through, offering you more vibrant, more fade-resistant hues … even when you leave your furniture outside year-round.

Order our Monterey Bay Collection pieces in the following colors:  

  • Vintage Lantern

  • Tree House

  • Sand Castle

  • Stepping Stone

  • Rainforest Canopy

  • Charcoal Black

  • Classic White

Coastline-Approved Quality.

In each of our collections, we employ the resilience of genuine POLYWOOD® HDPE lumber. At Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ each and every piece we design withstands even the most harsh weather conditions, including salty sea air, strong winds, high humidity, and snow.

We also created the Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ Monterey Bay Collection to avoid splintering, rotting, or cracking during the natural aging process. We use marine-grade quality hardware that’s corrosion-resistant. And we back up both our durability claims along with our expert craftsmanship with a 20-year limited warranty.

Cushion Comfort.

While each piece is ergonomically designed for premium comfort, we also offer a range of high-performance outdoor cushions. The weather-resistant fabric guards against moisture and retains its vibrant color. We offer cushions in eight hues:

  • Canvas Macaw

  • Canvas Navy

  • Canvas Birds Eye

  • Canvas Spa

  • Canvas Tangerine

  • Bravada Salsa

  • Linen Chili

  • Linen Sesame

No-Fuss Care.

At Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ we design our pieces for the laid-back lifestyle. That means our Monterey Bay Collection needs very little maintenance. Forget resealing, restaining, and repainting. And to clean your furniture pieces, simply use soap, water, and a soft-bristle brush, which helps loosen debris from the HDPE wood grain.

For additional guidelines on those tougher stains and post-winter mildew and to learn how to clean your Sunbrella cushions, visit our FAQ.