About Our Cushions


Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ cushions are manufactured in the USA using Revolution® fabric. Revolution fabrics are designed to withstand the elements and resist stains and mildew. The colors won't fade or wash out, so you can be sure your cushions will remain vibrant for years, even in the harshest sun!

Revolution fabric is breathable and water-resistant. It can easily be cleaned by simply dusting off dirt, using a cleaning solution (two ounces of mild detergent per gallon of warm water), and allowing the cushion to air dry. The cushions cannot be machine washed.


Eco-friendly Cushion Fabrics

Revolution recycles all fiber and fabric remnants for alternative applications. And their unique coloring process also avoids harmful liquid wastes associated with conventional dyeing methods.


Fabric Color Options

Revolution® Stocked Fabric Options


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