Storing Furniture During Winter

You’ve raked and bagged leaves, covered outdoor faucets, and stocked up on snow gear. But what should you do with your outdoor furniture when winter comes? To extend the life of your patio furniture, if at all possible, make storage preparations now for things you don’t want left in the cold later. What you can leave out: Composite furniture Outdoor pieces made from composite materials, … Continue reading Storing Furniture During Winter

Tips for Setting Your Thanksgiving Table

It’s hard to believe it’s November already! Not to mention, Thanksgiving dinner is almost upon us and there’s so much to plan. There’s the food, the drinks, who you’re going to invite (and who you shouldn’t invite!), and whether you’ll stick with traditional Thanksgiving favorites or switch it up this year with a modern twist on some of those beloved comfort foods. No matter how … Continue reading Tips for Setting Your Thanksgiving Table

5 Tips for Amazing Tablescapes this Autumn

You know those fall weather days when you step outside and think: “Fall has arrived?” There’s usually a hint of woodsmoke aroma, the air seems sharp and crisp, and the temperature has cooled considerably. And then there are the trees in their brilliant shades of oranges, golds, reds … that fleeting time between green leaves and bare branches. It’s almost magical, really. And it’s a … Continue reading 5 Tips for Amazing Tablescapes this Autumn

Host an Outdoor Fall-Themed Dinner Party

No matter how you celebrate the season, ushering in those cool, crisp evenings of fall are worthy of celebration. It’s also the perfect time to entertain outdoors, when the temperatures drop and those pesky mosquitoes retire for the year. Looking to host a fall-themed dinner party but not sure where to start? Below are our best tips. Plan Out Your Menu Here’s a quick roundup … Continue reading Host an Outdoor Fall-Themed Dinner Party

Dressing Up Your Patio for Halloween

Ghosts, skeletons, and zombies, oh my! Halloween is lurking right around the corner (waiting to grab you!). The stores are stocked with spooky masks, skulls, and rows upon rows of Reese’s, Kit Kats, and Snicker’s bars… all in “fun” sizes. What better way to create a thrilling display for Halloween than by decorating your outdoor space for the eerie evening? Here are some of our … Continue reading Dressing Up Your Patio for Halloween

Our Top Fall Entertaining Tips

There’s the faintest hint of a chill in the air; reds, oranges, and yellows begin creeping into the trees; and football season is back. Ahhh, fall… It’s also that time when pumpkin spice lattes are socially acceptable, when leather boots and jackets come out in full force, and plaid clothing and sweaters are pulled from storage. Writer F. Scott Fitzgerald once poignantly wrote that “life … Continue reading Our Top Fall Entertaining Tips

Fun Fall Drinks & Cocktails to Stave Off the Autumn Chill

We’re always looking for ways to warm up on a chilly fall day, and we believe in year-round outdoor living. What better way to sit outside than with a beverage to warm your insides? Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite drink recipes for this fall, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Hot Chocolate This recipe from TV personality and chef Alton Brown employs a pinch … Continue reading Fun Fall Drinks & Cocktails to Stave Off the Autumn Chill

Outdoor Entertainment for Football Season

You’ve been waiting for this season all year long—that time for tailgates, making sure you’ve ordered the right sports package on TV, and donning your team colors. Whether you cheer for the blue and gold, the crimson and white, the blue and orange, or any other color… show your team spirit loud and proud with outdoor entertainment for football season (well, maybe not too loud, … Continue reading Outdoor Entertainment for Football Season

Refresh Your Patio Space for Summer

It’s hot this summer. The kind of hot that makes for perfect days of swimming in a cool pool, eating watermelon, and throwing together simple dinners with summer veggies. The season is also the right time to do a little patio refresh to keep your outdoor space somewhere you’ll want to be even in the peak heat of the day. Here are some of the … Continue reading Refresh Your Patio Space for Summer

Introducing New Vibrant Colors!

Brighten your outdoor space with one (or all four!) of our new vibrant colors — Sunset Red, Aruba, Lime, and Pacific Blue. By popular demand, we’re thrilled to finally introduce these fun hues to the Cape Cod Collection. Here’s a closer look at all four of our bright, new colors and even a few new pieces in the collection. Sunset Red Our new Cape Cod Ultimate … Continue reading Introducing New Vibrant Colors!