Prep Your Patio for Springtime

Even though Punxsutawney Phil declared six more weeks of winter now is the time to begin thinking about transitioning your patio from winter to spring. Here are a few tips from Trex® Outdoor Furniture.™ Clean It! Patio, deck, balcony, outdoor kitchen — whatever you have, it could probably use a little post-winter TLC. Remove any debris, including leaves and sticks, from the area. If it’s a deck, … Continue reading Prep Your Patio for Springtime


DIY Winter Floral Arrangements and Freshly Arranged Containers

Spring flowers get all the good press—those bursts of fiery magenta, vibrant oranges, and crimson reds. But just because blooming season comes to a close doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your outdoor space with colorful potted arrangements and stunning tabletop centerpieces. If you’re looking for flowers and plants to create your own patio winter wonderland, look no farther than our winter plant and flower guide. … Continue reading DIY Winter Floral Arrangements and Freshly Arranged Containers


Host the Perfect Winter Party

Want to be the consummate party host, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. At Trex Outdoor Furniture, not only do we know how to create durable, timeless outdoor furniture, our party planning game is on point. Yes, we know it’s still pretty chilly outside, but with our tips you can throw a party any time of the year. Theme Are you … Continue reading Host the Perfect Winter Party


Winterize Your Patio Space and Outdoor Furniture

Do you know what your patio furniture is made of? At Trex® Outdoor Furniture™, we craft each of our designs using all-weather, genuine POLYWOOD® lumber. We do this to ensure your furnishings will tolerate harsh winter weather. But, chances are, some of your outdoor furniture pieces aren’t exactly made for melting snow and ice. Before you pull your coats out of the closet, make sure you … Continue reading Winterize Your Patio Space and Outdoor Furniture


Winter Decorating 101: Turn Your Patio Into a Festive Wonderland

With the holidays quickly approaching, are you ready to throw a winter wonderland party in your outdoor space? Whether you plan an adults-only cocktail evening or a children’s gingerbread house decorating party, we have plenty of ideas to ensure your event is a delightful affair with beautiful decor, cozy seating arrangements, and delicious food. Hot Chocolate Bar Take a page from favor and gift company … Continue reading Winter Decorating 101: Turn Your Patio Into a Festive Wonderland


Homemade Hot Cocoa Recipe

As the weather continues to get colder, now is the best time to warm up with a delicious mug of hot chocolate! Below are a couple of our favorite homemade recipes to enjoy yourself or serve over the holidays to family and friends. Classic Homemade Hot Cocoa This first recipe is most likely what we all remember from childhood. Hurrying inside after an afternoon of playing in the snow … Continue reading Homemade Hot Cocoa Recipe

Heat Things Up! How to Keep Warm, in the Cold

The chill is on … well, not quite, but it’s coming … and you’ll need to make preparations now so you can continue to enjoy your outdoor living space through the fall and (maybe snow of) winter. Below are some of our favorite ways at Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ to create a toasty atmosphere throughout the cold weather seasons. Light a Traditional Fireplace or Fire Pit … Continue reading Heat Things Up! How to Keep Warm, in the Cold

Preserve Your Herbs

As summer has drawn to a close, don’t let your herbs die without harvesting the remainder of that bright summer flavor. Let’s break down how to harvest and preserve your plants so you can infuse your dishes with the aromatic herbs year round. Assuming your herbs are outside, as a general rule, make sure to try and harvest the remainder of your plants well before … Continue reading Preserve Your Herbs