28 Hot Tub Deck Ideas

Originally Published on October 25, 2023. Last Updated on December 1, 2023.

If you’re entertaining the idea of updating your back deck, consider adding a hot tub to the scene. Great for Saturday night relaxation with friends or soaking a stressful workday away, they bring spa-worthy vibes to your space. Browse our hot tub deck ideas and style tips to find inspiration for your future outdoor upgrade.

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What to Consider
Covered Deck Hot Tubs
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Sunken Hot Tubs
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Style Tips

What to Consider

There are a variety of factors to keep in mind when choosing a hot tub for your deck, such as available space, deck strength, best decking materials, and installation costs.

Is it a good idea to put a hot tub on decking?

Before investing in a hot tub for your deck, consider the following questions and use the answers to make your decision:

How much space do I need for a hot tub on my deck?

Plan for at least three feet of open space on all sides of your hot tub. This allows plenty of room to walk by, easily enter and exit the hot tub, and reach equipment when it is time for cleaning or maintenance. 

Can a regular deck support a hot tub?

Photo Credit: Trex.com

On average, a large hot tub filled with water can weigh over three tons. If your deck can support that kind of heft as well as the weight of its occupants, you’re good to go. 

A regular wooden deck needs to hold at least 50 pounds per square foot to meet DCA 6 standards. To figure out if your deck can support a hot tub, combine these weights: the tub itself, its maximum water capacity, and the maximum number of occupants. Then, divide the sum by the hot tub’s square footage. If the quotient is less than 50, your deck should be able to support a hot tub safely.* 

What’s the best decking for a hot tub?

There are a few options to choose from when looking for the best decking to use around your hot tub. 

  • Pressure-treated wood is an inexpensive and readily available material, but it requires refinishing every few years to protect it.
  • Hardwoods like ipe and red cedar are denser and more durable than pressure-treated lumber, which increases their water weather resistance, but they’re more expensive and still need regular maintenance.
  • Composite decking is a mix of plastic, wood particles, and waterproof adhesives. The material is expensive, but it’s quite durable, resistant to water, weather, and mold, and doesn’t require sealing. 

How much does it cost to install a hot tub on a deck?

The cost of installing a hot tub on a deck ranges from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands, depending on a few factors:

DIY vs. Professional

Adding a hot tub to your deck on your own will cost less than hiring a contractor to do the job—as long as you know what you’re doing. This is an advanced project requiring plenty of time and materials, and we recommend leaning on the skillset of a professional.

Existing Deck vs. New Build

If you plan to build a deck and install a hot tub, plan to spend more money than you would if you have a pre-existing deck in your backyard space. 

Hot Tub Type

Here are the average price ranges for various hot tubs:

  • Inflatable hot tub: $400–$1,500
  • Rotomolded plastic hot tub: $2,000–$6,000
  • Wooden hot tub: $3,000–$10,000
  • Acrylic hot tub: $4,000–$18,000
  • Vinyl-lined hot tub: $8,000–$25,000

*NOTE: We highly recommend seeking professional consultations and inspections to ensure your deck is up to code and can safely support a hot tub.

Covered Deck Hot Tubs

Give these covered deck hot tub ideas a thought for your next outdoor renovation.

1. Pergola-Topped Hot Tub

Installing a hot tub beneath a pergola on your ground-level deck gives you space to hang hooks for towels and suspend string lights overhead. Plus, your view of the night sky won’t be blocked so you can stargaze while you soak.

2. Private Spa Hot Tub

If you have a covering over your hot tub, build privacy walls around it to make the area feel like an intimate spa, then add shelves or a storage table to hold candles, plush robes, and wine glasses.

3. Gazebo-Covered Hot Tub

Gazebos have solid ceilings, which keep uninvited elements from crashing your party. Build a gazebo on your deck as close to your home as reasonably possible to minimize exposure to bad weather when you need to run into the house for more snacks or an extra towel.

4. Hot Tub Shaded by Offset Deck Umbrella

Perhaps your deck isn’t covered, but you want to soak in the shade anyway. Shop online for giant outdoor umbrellas shaped to offer coverage for hot tubs. Their bases are designed to attach to the sides of the tubs, with adjustable canopies that can be moved to block the sun throughout the day.

5. Hot Tub TV Room

If your covered deck has a living room with an outdoor television or projector where your family gathers for movies or game day, add a hot tub to the mix. This takes backyard tailgating to an entirely new level of comfort.

Inflatable Hot Tubs

Also known as portable hot tubs, there are plenty of ways to style these inflatable designs.

6. Permanent Structure for a Temporary Tub

If you live in a climate where the weather is agreeable for parts of the year, design a permanent shell on your deck to hold your hot tub. Hook up your hot tub in its designated nook at the start of the season, and take it down for storage when the weather changes. 

7. Hot Tub Storage Space

When you deflate your tub, all that extra room is readily available, so take the permanent shell idea a few steps further by using it to store your inflatable hot tub, its equipment, and related accessories and decor. Build or buy an insulated, waterproof structure with a tight-fitting cover to keep wildlife and harsh elements out, and tuck your tub inside to save time and effort.

8. Small Deck Hot Tub Space

Inflatable hot tubs don’t take up as much room as their permanent counterparts, making them ideal for cozy decks. Stick one in the corner of your deck with an offset umbrella overhead for shade or a small pergola with outdoor curtains you can draw closed for privacy or leave open to let the breeze in. 

9. Fire Pit or Hot Tub Space

Fire pit area by winter, hot tub hangout by summer—you can create this all-season deck space with an inflatable hot tub and an outdoor fire pit table. Simply swap one for the other as the seasons change, using folding Adirondacks and side tables with the fire pit table that can be easily stored or moved to another spot when setting up the hot tub.

10. Hot Tub Disguise

Most inflatable hot tubs have plain plastic walls, but a few have wood or floral designs. If you opted for the former because it fits your budget—yet doesn’t fit your deck’s aesthetic—you can hide the hot tub in a variety of creative, inexpensive ways:

  • Line the sides with long planters filled with fluffy ferns.
  • Stack cinder blocks around it, then paint them in a shade that’s part of your deck’s color palette.
  • Surround the hot tub with folding privacy screens.
  • Build walls from reclaimed wooden pallets.
  • Configure a custom outdoor sectional around your hot tub.

Sunken Hot Tubs

Sunken hot tubs sit flush with your decking, taking up less space while offering ample style.

11. Unsunk Hot Tub

If you’re designing a new deck or looking to add to it, design a space that gives the illusion of a sunken hot tub without sinking it. Create a stacked deck structure that snugly surrounds and sits flush with the rim of your hot tub. The outside of the stacked deck can have built-in benches, planters, and storage. 

12. Hidden Hot Tub

Design a sturdy floor hatch to cover your sunken hot tub when it’s not in use. Design it from the same decking material used to build your deck so it blends with the surroundings, and use springs or hydraulic rods to make opening and closing effortless. Be sure there’s enough room beneath the hatch for the hot tub’s actual cover.

13. Illuminated Hot Tub

Create a deck design with steps leading down to your sunken hot tub. Line the edges of the steps with strips of waterproof LED lights to create a pleasing glow that helps guests watch their steps in the evenings.

14. Hot Tub at the Water’s Edge

If you live on the beach, build a sunken hot tub into your ground floor deck on the water’s side so you can enjoy the beautiful view and the sound of the waves while you relax.

15. Modern Concrete Hot Tub

If your modern deck is a mix of lumber and hardscaping, build a concrete enclosure to encase your sunken hot tub and blend it into the chic setting.

Under Deck Hot Tubs

Install a hot tub beneath your upper deck and enjoy the shade, solitude, and style that comes with it.

16. Hot Tub With Bar Ledges

For family members who may not want to jump in the hot tub just yet, offer them a place nearby to relax. Bar ledges built around the hot tub let loved ones be part of the fun while allowing them to stay dry. Choose comfortable bar-height seating to ensure cozy spots for everyone.

17. Hot Tub With Storage Benches

Benches with built-in storage compartments keep towels and supplies protected while simultaneously offering a seating area around your hot tub. You’ll also get the added bonus of privacy if you have a sunken hot tub as the benches stand taller and block the view.

18. Hot Tub Garden

Plantscape the deck area surrounding your hot tub so family can smell the roses while they relax. Use tall planters with thick foliage or vertical gardens with vining flowers to make the prettiest privacy fences, and suspend hanging baskets of dangling flora to spread out the visual weight of the space.

19. Zen Hot Tub Scene

Instead of plants, design a rock garden on the outskirts of your deck that you can see from your hot tub. It’s a low-maintenance option that’s just as beautiful and relaxing as a flower-filled space.

20. Stairway to (Hot Tub) Heaven

If you’re designing a new deck, build a spiral staircase that connects your deck balcony to the lower level. Have the bottom of the staircase lead straight to your hot tub, so when guests ascend the steps they’ll be immediately greeted by the relaxing sight of the bubbling water.

Winter Hot Tubs

Ward off the winter chill with these toasty winter hot tub ideas.

21. Hot Tub and Fire Pit Area

If your deck has the space, style an outdoor fire pit table near your hot tub. The glowing fire enhances the ambiance and offers a warm spot to dry off when you get out of the hot tub.

22. Hot Tub with Heated Floors

Ensure warm feet and snow-free surfaces when alighting from your hot tub by placing outdoor floor mats around it. This option is ideal for pre-existing wooden decks, but if you’re building a concrete or stone deck, you can incorporate snow-melting cables into the floor’s design. 

23. Enclosed Hot Tub 

Build an insulated shelter with retractable walls in your outdoor space and make it your hot tub’s home. Lift and lower the sides of this all-season enclosure to keep the heat in and the snow or rain out during the winter, and let the breeze through in the summer.

24. Hot-Spring-Inspired Hot Tub

Turn your hot tub into a snowy mountainside hot spring with clever hardscaping. Ensconce the soaking space with smooth stones, a rocky waterfall, and privacy walls that look nature-made. Consult a professional to bring this project to life, as it’s sure to be quite the undertaking, but the results will definitely be worth it. 

25. Winter Wonderland Hot Tub

If your climate experiences snowy weather, use the nature-made decor by designing a dreamy winter haven around your hot tub. Start by building a detached deck in the corner of your yard, with a winding stone path leading to it from your house. Incorporating pine and fir trees into the landscaping along the path and around your hot tub design adds privacy, homes for winter birds, and the perfect perch for falling snow. Install posts on the sides of your hot tub where you can string outdoor lights and a retractable cover that offers protection from the elements.

Unique Hot Tub Deck Ideas To Try

26. Wood-Fired Hot Tub

Have your tub and heat it too with a soaking spot entirely powered by wood. A large coiled metal pipe is connected to the hot tub that heats the water when a fire is lit inside it. Cold water is pulled into the bottom of the coil and rises through the spiraling pipe as it heats up. The hot water flows back into the hot tub, and this cycle continues as long as the fire remains lit. Bonus: Many designs are food-safe, so you can cook s’mores over coil’s fire.

27. Hot Tub Connected to Swimming Pool

A hot tub with a waterfall that spills into your swimming pool is a dramatic look that will impress family and friends. Plus, having the two so close together makes transitioning easier as you move from the pool’s cool water to the hot tub’s cozy confines.

28. Hot Tub Cauldron

For anyone with a darker sense of humor, a cauldron-inspired hot tub is an interesting design to try on your deck. You can have just the pot, or go all out with a suspended setup that has the hot tub hanging over a fire via chains attached to large, sturdy beams. We suggest consulting a professional for this since it’s an advanced design. 

Style Ideas: What To Put Around Your Hot Tub

Enhance your hot tub setting with these outdoor accessories.

Slip-Proof Steps

Ensure your family gets in and out of the tub safely with water- and slip-proof steps.

Tall Accent Tables

Keep towels, snacks, and wireless speakers close with tall tables that sit a bit higher than the hot tub’s rim.

Comfortable Seating

Featured: Yacht Club Shellback Adirondack Chair in Classic White

Style waterproof Adirondacks near your hot tub where family can enjoy post-soak relaxation.

Convenient Bar Cart

Water, water, everywhere … and a drop to drink thanks to the nearby bar cart holding your favorite sips.

Towel Racks & Hooks

Keep towels, blankets, and robes off the ground with a handy towel rack. 


Invite nature to your deck hot tub by surrounding it with pots of native or tropical plants.

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