The Complete Guide to Outdoor Kitchen Furniture and Features

People have been cooking outside since the beginning of time. From those earliest cave dwellers to the pioneers and beyond, the tradition of outdoor cooking has gone from necessity to entertainment. And, over the last several decades, as outdoor furniture has become better designed (and much more comfortable), and as manufacturers and designers have showcased al fresco cooking, the outdoor kitchen has become increasingly popular.  … Continue reading The Complete Guide to Outdoor Kitchen Furniture and Features

Outdoor Space Ideas for Homeowners

How big or how small your outdoor space is doesn’t define how you use the area. In fact, no matter your outdoor square footage, you can create an exquisitely designed patio, porch, deck, yard, or garden area that fulfills all your wants and needs. Read on for plenty of tips on how to maximize your enjoyment with top outdoor space ideas. Outdoor Space Ideas for … Continue reading Outdoor Space Ideas for Homeowners

Making the Most of Your Small Outdoor Space

How big is your outdoor space? If you live in the middle of the city, you may have a small patio or a narrow strip of yard. As an apartment dweller, you might be limited to a small porch or balcony. Your coastal home may feature stunning views from your small deck.  Small outdoor spaces are rife with big opportunities. A more limited outdoor area … Continue reading Making the Most of Your Small Outdoor Space

Outdoor Patios and Decks

There are many decisions you have to make when building a new house, renovating an old one, or just refreshing a space. Minute details may include which hardware to use, what type of flooring, and where you want to place outlets. Outside, however, you may have to choose what type of space you’d like for entertaining.  Should you add a deck to your home, or … Continue reading Outdoor Patios and Decks

Getting Started with Deck and Patio Designs

Deck or patio? Which do you have at your home, or which is ideal to build out in your backyard space? While both have striking differences, what each has in common is the fact that they extend your livable outdoor space.  Maybe you have an existing deck that needs rebuilding, or your backyard is a blank canvas and you need the inspiration to build a … Continue reading Getting Started with Deck and Patio Designs

2020 Deck Trends

Considering your own deck remodel or construction project in the future? You’re not alone — the composite decking industry grows each year by about 5%, and shows no signs of slowing down. American families are seeking more outdoor space to entertain, dine al fresco, splash into the pool, and simply immerse themselves in the simple pleasures of nature. Before you begin building your own dream … Continue reading 2020 Deck Trends

How to Decorate Your Deck for Outdoor Entertaining

Do you dream of hosting backyard barbecues, casual cocktail evenings, and pool parties all summer long? In your mind, should every upcoming birthday bash, retirement party, or weekend hangout take place on your sprawling deck optimized for fun in the sun? Without the proper setup, your deck could become a bare, neglected space primarily used to get from the house to the backyard. In order … Continue reading How to Decorate Your Deck for Outdoor Entertaining

Deck Layout Ideas

You’ve started construction on your dream deck. You’ve budgeted, consulted a contractor, decided on materials, and are counting down the days until your first celebratory cookout. As you begin mulling over the furnishings of your deck, you may become frazzled trying to decide on a layout and what furniture to buy. You should have a strong idea of what will fit on your deck and … Continue reading Deck Layout Ideas


How Much Furniture Your Deck Needs, Based on Deck Size

No two decks are the same, and the ideal arrangement and style of furniture on your neighbor’s deck may overcrowd or clash with yours. Before you make decisions about color schemes, contemporary or classic designs, and outdoor furniture materials, you first need to understand your workable space. The most crucial measurement you need to plan your deck furniture purchase is the square footage of your … Continue reading How Much Furniture Your Deck Needs, Based on Deck Size

Hosting a Backyard Engagement Party

There’s no better way to celebrate the love of two people and share in the elation of an engagement than to throw the happy couple an engagement party! Surprisingly, there’s really no need to frantically search for bookable beachside bungalows or country clubs — the ideal venue for a successful celebration may just be steps away. We’ve outlined our tips below for celebrating the impending … Continue reading Hosting a Backyard Engagement Party