Outdoor Dining Tables



  1. Yacht Club

    Yacht Club 37" Dining Table

    +7 POLYWOOD® colors
  2. Yacht Club

    Yacht Club 44" Dining Table

    +7 POLYWOOD® colors

Dining Tables from Trex® Outdoor Furniture™

A five-star meal isn’t necessary to provide your guests a top-notch dining experience. Delight your family and friends when you seat them around a durable and stylish outdoor dining table from Trex Outdoor Furniture. Toast the occasion and dine late into the night with dining tables of all sizes to accommodate your particular household.

How to Use Your Outdoor Dining Tables

We designed each dining table with a nod to classic styles, whether you leave it uncovered or add embellishments—a tablecloth, placemats, or a centerpiece. Rounded edges, square tables, and elongated rectangular tables for big parties: we stock all types of outdoor dining tables ranging in size from 30 to 78 inches in length.

Plan a cozy fireside dinner with versatile Harvest Tables. The 39-inch square table provides enough room for smaller spaces, but to fit additional guests select the 78-inch table.

When you find a dining table you love you can build an entire outdoor eating zone based around it. At Trex Outdoor Furniture we make the process easy. We offer many dining sets with matching dining tables and chairs from our most popular collections, including Surf City, Monterey Bay, and Yacht Club.

Features of Trex Outdoor Furniture Dining Tables

The secret to our sturdy outdoor dining tables is the weather-resistant and durable HDPE lumber that separates us from the competition. Your dining tables won’t rot, splinter, or crack even when left in direct sunlight in the summer and when covered in snow in the winter. Backed by a 20-year limited warranty, a dining table from Trex Outdoor Furniture makes expert craftsmanship attainable for the modern home.

Even after a rainstorm or several hearty meals cleaning a POLYWOOD® lumber dining table is quick and painless. No staining, sealing, or repainting is ever necessary because the hues are added in during the manufacturing process to retain color for the complete product lifecycle. Follow our furniture cleaning instructions or just grab a soft-bristle brush and use soap and warm water to remove surface debris.

The clean lines, modern construction, and attention to detail guarantee that all eyes will be on your dining set, at least until the food is served. The stylish appeal of Trex Outdoor Furniture dining tables ensures you can enjoy meals al fresco for years to come.

Where to Enjoy Your Outdoor Dining Tables

On your deck

Toast the occasion and catch the last rays of a golden sunset with the Yacht Club Dining Tables. Rounded edges and simple design characterize this marine-inspired collection dining set in an array of our exclusive colors.

By the water

Settle down by the seaside with the Monterey Bay Dining Tables for an intimate dinner with your significant other, or double date with another couple around the larger 48-inch version.

Dining Table Color Options

When you order a patio furniture dining table you can choose any of the exclusive Trex Outdoor Furniture colors selected to blend into and enhance any outdoor area.