Adirondack Chairs & Sets



  1. Cape Cod

    Cape Cod Adirondack Chair

    +11 POLYWOOD® colors
  2. Yacht Club

    Yacht Club Adirondack Chair

    +12 POLYWOOD® colors
  3. Cape Cod

    Cape Cod 2-Piece Folding Adirondack Seating Set

    Adirondack Chair + Adirondack Ottoman
    +11 POLYWOOD® colors
  4. Monterey Bay

    Monterey Bay Adirondack Chair

    +11 POLYWOOD® colors
  5. Monterey Bay

    Monterey Bay Adirondack Chair with Side Table

    Adirondack Chair + Round Side Table
    +11 POLYWOOD® colors
  6. Monterey Bay

    Monterey Bay Oversized Adirondack Chair with Side Table

    Adirondack Chair + Round Side Table
    +11 POLYWOOD® colors

Adirondack Chairs & Sets from Trex® Outdoor Furniture™

The contoured comfort and timeless style of our Adirondack chairs and sets can transform your patio, porch, or deck into a relaxation haven. The curved slatted backs work with the durable HDPE lumber to create a timeless outdoor seating option that will last for years.

How to Use Your Adirondack Sets

Whether seated around a blazing evening fire or gazing out to sea, enjoy a chair design that lets you kick back, unwind, and relish every moment. Adirondack sets include conversation tables and ottomans so you can sink into your afternoon tanning session or share platters of snacks with your friends.

Features of Trex Outdoor Patio Adirondack Sets 

The secret to our Adirondack chairs’ longevity is the virtually impervious lumber that can survive the harshest weather conditions without cracking, chipping, rotting, peeling, or fading in the sun. All of our patio Adirondack sets can be outfitted with high-performance, water-repellant Sunbrella® cushions for added comfort and support. Maintain the flawless appearance of your Adirondack chairs by brushing them down with a mixture of soap and warm water — no repainting or staining required!

Where to Enjoy Your Patio Adirondack Sets

Create a designated zone for catching up or soaking up the sunshine by circling an Adirondack set around a fire pit, alongside your pool, or on your patio overlooking the countryside. Immerse yourself in the simple pleasures of your backyard with any style Adirondack chair, slowly sipping on a cup of lemonade or sneaking in a nap under a shaded canopy.

Adirondack Chair Color Options

Patio Adirondack chairs represent the ultimate in casual comfort, and the variety of exciting color options reflect both a commitment to comfort and a flair for personality. Choose between neutral or Earth tones to blend effortlessly into your backyard or select vibrant colors like Lime or Pacific Blue to brighten up your poolside seating or garden escape.