Dining Set Cushions




Patio Outdoor Dining Cushions from Trex® Outdoor Furniture™

We carefully design our outdoor dining chairs and bar chairs to be as comfortable as possible. The curved, slatted designs contour to your body for ultimate relaxation and support for meals, reading, or simply enjoying a morning cup of coffee. Extend conversations and dinners into the night without missing a beat by adding an outdoor dining set cushion to your dining area for additional support.

How to Use Your Outdoor Dining Set Cushions

Trex outdoor dining cushions are tailored specifically for each piece of our furniture. Whether you’re sharing martinis with your bestie seated in a Surf City Bar Set or chowing down on some barbecue around a spacious Yacht Club Farmhouse Side Chair Dining Set, our patio dining cushions will provide cushioning and allow you to stay seated for hours at a time.

Features of Trex Outdoor Patio Dining Cushions

Sewn and crafted with all-weather performance upholstery fabric, our cushions provide comfort and durability all while withstanding nature's elements. Our fabric naturally repels water, is bacterial buildup resistant, and will quickly dry after being doused with rain. Treating spills when they occur is simple — just blot warm water and gentle soap to minimize staining.

Where to Enjoy Your Patio Dining Set Cushions

Dining set cushions can make any dining or entertaining space more inviting, splashing your designs with some color and allowing anyone to dine, chat, snooze, or dive into a board game for extended periods of time. Add cushions to your poolside dining set or to your oceanside bar set — water won’t damage these cushions!

Patio Dining Set Cushion Color Options

Unleash your inner designer with the selection of vibrant and versatile color options for our dining set cushions. Navy, Sesame, Spa, and Bird’s Eye cushions bring out the best of our dining chairs and bar height chairs, contrasting the neutral hues and Earth tones of our lumber.