Chaise Lounge Side Tables




Chaise Lounge Side Tables from Trex® Outdoor Furniture™

The signature designs and durable lumber of our outdoor chaise lounges empower you to kick back and relax in outdoor furniture engineered for unwinding. To complete your chaise lounge setup choose a colorful, quick-drying chaise lounge cushion and a matching chaise lounge side table so your Arnold Palmer, sunglasses, and phone are always within reach.

How to Use Your Chaise Lounge Side Tables

The curved edges, wide slats, and sturdy construction of our chaise lounge side tables provide a timeless and casual elegance that will also withstand spills, harsh environments, and unpredictable weather. Perfect for a breakfast tray, stack of books, or pile of towels for your afternoon swim, a chaise lounge side table adds functionality to your outdoor space so you can focus on simply lounging.

Features of Trex Outdoor Chaise Lounge Side Tables

Durable HDPE lumber won’t crack, rot, chip, splinter, or peel due to typical outdoor conditions like rain, salty air, sun, or snow. Resistant to stains and corrosive substances, your chaise lounge side table is a dependable piece of outdoor furniture that can remain outside all year long.

Choose the ideal color to coordinate with your Trex® decking and railing — the UV-inhibited colors minimize fading and run throughout the lumber so you don’t have to paint or waterproof your side table. Cleaning is a breeze — just use soap, water, and a soft bristle brush.

Where to Enjoy Your Chaise Lounge Side Tables

Are you lucky enough to have a backyard or deck facing a glistening body of water? Align your chaise lounge and accompanying side table toward the sea to create the perfect spot for a sunrise cup of coffee or a sunset margarita. Even if you’re hundreds of miles away from the nearest ocean you can stretch out in style by placing your chaise lounge and side table on your balcony, along your porch, or even near the garden.

Outdoor Side Table Color Options

Choose between our seven classic Earth tones and neutral color options to bring your outdoor space to life, matching the existing color schemes along your patio or by your pool. To compare frame colors simply request some samples!