Outdoor Bar Height Tables




Bar Tables from Trex® Outdoor Furniture™

Be the host with the most and give a toast around a high-quality outdoor bar table. Create the perfect space for casual entertaining on your back patio with a variety of styles and color options to completely personalize your outdoor bar.

How to Use Your Outdoor Bar Tables

Let the drinks and conversation flow seated around a Trex Outdoor Furniture bar height table. When complemented with matching outdoor bar chairs you can designate the perfect hideaway for evening martinis or create a sanctioned spot for card games in the comfort of your backyard space.

Each outdoor bar table is constructed to measure precisely 42 inches in overall height so they complement the height of our outdoor bar chairs. Choose your bar table and favorite bar seating to design your dream set or choose from our preconfigured options for ease.

Outdoor bar tables are available in multiple lengths and sizes depending on how many chairs you want to fit around your bar space. For example, in our Monterey Bay Collection we stock bar tables that measure 36 inches in diameter and 48 inches for larger gatherings. In the Surf City Collection you can choose a standard 30-inch bar table or a rectangular 73-inch bar table to seat three people on one side.

Features of Trex Outdoor Bar Tables

The Trex Outdoor Furniture bar tables utilize genuine POLYWOOD® lumber that is durable enough to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements. Extended outdoor use exposed to howling winds, torrential rain, and unrelenting snow won’t cause your outdoor bar tables to crack, splinter, rot, peel, or degrade.

You can keep your bar sets looking brand new with simple maintenance. Cleaning your bar tables is a breeze — just wipe down each bar table or chair with a soft-bristle brush using a mixture of gentle soap and warm water. If you need to undergo a deep spring cleaning to remove layers of grime simply consult our blog.

When you order outdoor bar tables from Trex Outdoor Furniture each table is backed by a 20-year limited warranty. Not only are our bar tables built to last, they were designed with a timeless style that will look great for years to come.

Where to Enjoy Your Outdoor Bar Tables

On the patio

Move your morning meal outdoors with the sturdy construction of an outdoor bar table. The smaller table size and elevated seat height make for a more intimate setting to share some pastries and a cup of tea before a packed day.

On the shore

Set up a Monterey Bay Bar Set near the coast to create a scenic escape where you can enjoy the stunning seascape. The durable, weather-resistant HDPE lumber will withstand the salty sea air for years without a problem.

Bar Table Color Options

When choosing an outdoor bar table in the Monterey Bay Collection you will be able to choose from our signature seven neutral and Earth tone colors to best match your existing decor and design.