Finding Your Deck Furniture Style

Originally Published on August 7, 2019. Last Updated on October 11, 2023.

When you are furnishing a deck or undertaking a full-blown remodeling project, there are many practical considerations that demand your attention, from the decking material to the climate considerations. What materials will withstand heavy rains, low temperatures, and considerable snow? What size deck can you build based on the current cost of labor and materials?

Amid the logistical madness, don’t lose sight of the finish line. Once the groundwork has been laid (literally and metaphorically), you get to enjoy the fun part — choosing the deck furniture style you like! There are many factors to weigh, from your personal taste to where you live to what color schemes will best coordinate with the existing architecture. 

Need some inspiration for unique deck styles? We cover a few of our favorites below so you can dive into the enjoyable aspects of furnishing an outdoor deck. 

Different Deck Style Ideas

These classic themes and furniture styles are popular around the country because they either relish the casual, rustic nature of traditional styles or subvert convention for a modern aesthetic with clean lines. Lay a strong design foundation with one of these signature styles:


Cape Cod 7-Piece Dining Set

Infuse your deck with New England flair or the casual elegance of the California coastline. The seaside deck style is the most straightforward choice if your deck has a stunning vista of a sea, river, or lake. Slatted backs, gentle curves, and generous seat space characterize most coastal deck furniture, as do lighter colors like beige, white, or something with a vibrant splash of color. 

Utilize glass and cable rails to open up the view, and rely on low-maintenance deck furniture that is impervious to wear and tear from the salty sea air. The furniture in our Cade Cod Collection is ideal for a seaside deck style designed to endure for years. 


Cape Cod 6-Piece Folding Adirondack Conversation Set

Let’s now transport your deck from the Massachusetts coast to the rugged wilds of the Adirondack mountains. When you’re furnishing the deck of a cabin surrounded by woodland, you can’t go wrong with a rustic deck style. Lower seat heights, contoured comfort, and plush cushions are perfect for rustic deck furniture.

Your actual deck will likely feature heavy timber framing and plentiful log railings. In terms of color, Earth tones are safe choices, but a natural green will break up the brown color palette of many cabin-style homes. The Adirondack chairs in our Yacht Club Collection are archetypal rustic-style furniture pieces.

Yacht Club 3-Piece Adirondack Set


The laid-back elegance of casual, high-quality deck furniture can lend itself to a variety of architectural styles and surrounding landscape designs. A casual style emphasizes function and fun while also providing a timeless look. Suburban starter homes and secluded cottages both benefit from casual deck styling.

Monterey Bay5-Piece Bar Set

For a vintage yet timeless look that puts comfort first, look to our Monterey Bay Collection. The stylist hallmarks of this style include gentle curving, ergonomic seats, and back slats. Few straight lines or edges exist to invite family members and guests alike to sit back and enjoy animated chats or leisurely viewing sunsets.


Parsons 7-Piece Bench Dining Set

Modern minimalism is currently the trendiest deck style, with homeowners across the country opting for clean lines, sharp angles, and plenty of open space. Contemporary deck furniture worth the investment boasts a sleek profile while still providing supportive, comfortable seating and reliably heavy-duty construction.

Infuse a touch of sophistication into your outdoor deck design with contemporary furniture pieces that combine aluminum frames with HDPE lumber slats — our Surf City Collection relies on clean, modern lines while contrasting colors for a distinctive flair. Another component of contemporary deck furniture is the inclusion of fabric slings for no-nonsense comfort. Browse our Parsons Collection to see how fabric-focused modern deck furniture can capture a cutting-edge style. 

Surf City 5-Piece Dining Set

For your decking and railings, choose low-maintenance materials that are monochromatic or two-toned: composite decking, PVC, or metal. 

Outdoor Living Room

Rockport 4-Piece Deep Seating Conversation Group

An increasingly popular design choice is to extend the aesthetic of your living room design to your deck. Due to advances in outdoor furniture construction in the last two decades, there are more modern style options for deck furniture than ever before. An outdoor living room that can weather hot summers and snowy winters? Sign us up!

Sturdy frames, thick marine-grade quality cushions, and club-chair seating make our Rockport Collection a terrific choice for anyone looking to style their deck as an outdoor living room. When choosing colors, try to keep the color scheme between your living room and deck furniture consistent to create harmony between the spaces. Our Rockport furniture features a variety of distinct lumber frame colors and cushion shades, so you have plenty of color options to make your vision a reality.



Matching Deck Styles to Your Location

With so many styles to choose from, where do you start? Before you fall in love with a blue-and-white two-tone contemporary furniture set, consider two factors that will influence your final decision.

First, where do you live? You should pick a deck style based on your location. Certain styles mimic construction and designs that are prevalent in various regions—if your home overlooks the Chesapeake Bay, a coastal furniture set that evokes a nautical sense of adventure should be your top contender. Nestled deep in the forests of Big Sur, California? A rustic style with natural wood tones will complement your home and the wonders growing just from your deck.

Yacht Club Rocker 3-Piece Set

Second, what furnishings and color schemes are already present in your home? Your deck furniture should echo the design of the other areas in your home. Even a classic Monterey Bay dining set will stand out like a sore thumb on the deck of a sleek, ultra-modern chateau. Create a color palette based on the wallpaper, floors, and furniture inside your home by the deck, and carefully consider the architecture and structural elements around the deck when choosing a style. 

Final Deck Styling Tips

A couple of final tips to keep in mind:

While we recommend not veering too far from the established design of your home, you can always experiment with vibrant hues. Welcome to the wonderful world of accents! Throw pillows on your outdoor deep seating or bright cushions provide a pop of color, and if you’re daring, you can go all-in with a blue or red Adirondack set. Accessories like umbrellas and planters also break up the design of your deck with varied shapes and patterns.

Cube 24″ Planter 4 Board  |  Pyramid 18″ Planter 5 Board

Don’t furnish your deck with stylish pieces that will degrade and rot the second a storm hits. To enjoy your deck year after year, choosing deck furniture that is weatherproof and easy to maintain is vital. Low maintenance all-weather Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ provides unrivaled resilience even in extreme environments. Invest in color-fast, stain-resistant, super-durable deck furniture the first time so you aren’t forced to furnish your deck again after every harsh winter.


Once you choose the best deck furniture style for your home, browse our outdoor furniture collections for durable pieces that withstand harsh weather conditions without rotting, cracking, chipping, or fading from sun exposure. 

Still not sure how to best utilize your deck? Check out our guide featuring some of the best deck design ideas. What furniture style did you ultimately choose? Let us know in the comments! 

Blog Post Updated October 11, 2023

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