Prep Your Patio for Springtime

Even though Punxsutawney Phil declared six more weeks of winter now is the time to begin thinking about transitioning your patio from winter to spring. Here are a few tips from Trex® Outdoor Furniture.™ Clean It! Patio, deck, balcony, outdoor kitchen — whatever you have, it could probably use a little post-winter TLC. Remove any debris, including leaves and sticks, from the area. If it’s a deck, … Continue reading Prep Your Patio for Springtime


Winter Decorating 101: Turn Your Patio Into a Festive Wonderland

With the holidays quickly approaching, are you ready to throw a winter wonderland party in your outdoor space? Whether you plan an adults-only cocktail evening or a children’s gingerbread house decorating party, we have plenty of ideas to ensure your event is a delightful affair with beautiful decor, cozy seating arrangements, and delicious food. Hot Chocolate Bar Take a page from favor and gift company … Continue reading Winter Decorating 101: Turn Your Patio Into a Festive Wonderland

Heat Things Up! How to Keep Warm, in the Cold

The chill is on … well, not quite, but it’s coming … and you’ll need to make preparations now so you can continue to enjoy your outdoor living space through the fall and (maybe snow of) winter. Below are some of our favorite ways at Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ to create a toasty atmosphere throughout the cold weather seasons. Light a Traditional Fireplace or Fire Pit … Continue reading Heat Things Up! How to Keep Warm, in the Cold

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How to Purchase Patio Furniture

How much time do you take searching for the perfect living room sofa or the right style chair for a space? Usually, you don’t just run to the store and pick one up along with your groceries. Think of your outdoor furniture as an investment in your outdoor living space. Patio furniture is still furniture, and making the right investment will ensure you love your deck … Continue reading How to Purchase Patio Furniture

Small-Space Outdoor Ideas

In this “everyone glued to their smartphone screens” world, we all need a good dose of sunlight every now and again. Don’t have a backyard? No problem. At Trex® Outdoor Furniture,™ we want to get you outside year-round whether your outdoor space is a small balcony in the middle of New York City, a large deck in Santa Barbara, California, or a 4-foot-wide front porch … Continue reading Small-Space Outdoor Ideas


Yacht Club Collection

Seaside or poolside, the Yacht Club Collection will turn your deck into a marina-inspired haven that’s perfect for socializing with friends or relaxing on your own. Designed with clean, straight lines and topped off with a unique headboard, this collection is unmatched when it comes to class and style. And don’t worry about it matching your décor. With 7 color choices, you’re sure to find one … Continue reading Yacht Club Collection