Finding Your Deck Furniture Style

When you are furnishing a deck or undertaking a full-blown remodeling project, there are many practical considerations that demand your attention, from the decking material to the climate considerations. What materials will withstand heavy rains, low temperatures, and considerable snow? What size deck can you build based on the current cost of labor and materials? Amid the logistical madness, don’t lose sight of the finish … Continue reading Finding Your Deck Furniture Style

Deck Design Ideas

A remodeled or brand-new deck presents endless possibility. Do you go for ultra-modern pieces and clean lines to create an upscale, contemporary space? Or lean into rustic, relaxed furniture choices to cultivate a haven of relaxation and entertainment? All outdoor deck ideas should marry function and practicality with fun and form. Before you dive into planning the details of your deck and reading our top … Continue reading Deck Design Ideas

Material Matters in Decking and Deck Furniture

Constructing or remodeling a deck is a large scale project that, if executed properly, can transform any outdoor space into a cooking, dining, and relaxation retreat fit for royalty. Before you dive too deep into deck design ideas you must make some fundamental and important decisions. Namely: what material(s) will you use for your decking material and deck furniture? Aesthetic appeal and color choices may … Continue reading Material Matters in Decking and Deck Furniture