Outdoor Patios and Decks

There are many decisions you have to make when building a new house, renovating an old one, or just refreshing a space. Minute details may include which hardware to use, what type of flooring, and where you want to place outlets. Outside, however, you may have to choose what type of space you’d like for entertaining.  Should you add a deck to your home, or … Continue reading Outdoor Patios and Decks

2020 Deck Trends

Considering your own deck remodel or construction project in the future? You’re not alone — the composite decking industry grows each year by about 5%, and shows no signs of slowing down. American families are seeking more outdoor space to entertain, dine al fresco, splash into the pool, and simply immerse themselves in the simple pleasures of nature. Before you begin building your own dream … Continue reading 2020 Deck Trends

How to Decorate Your Deck for Outdoor Entertaining

Do you dream of hosting backyard barbecues, casual cocktail evenings, and pool parties all summer long? In your mind, should every upcoming birthday bash, retirement party, or weekend hangout take place on your sprawling deck optimized for fun in the sun? Without the proper setup, your deck could become a bare, neglected space primarily used to get from the house to the backyard. In order … Continue reading How to Decorate Your Deck for Outdoor Entertaining

Deck Layout Ideas

You’ve started construction on your dream deck. You’ve budgeted, consulted a contractor, decided on materials, and are counting down the days until your first celebratory cookout. As you begin mulling over the furnishings of your deck, you may become frazzled trying to decide on a layout and what furniture to buy. You should have a strong idea of what will fit on your deck and … Continue reading Deck Layout Ideas

Curating a Deck You’ll Want to Entertain On All Summer

The grill is fired up. You take the plastic cover off of the pool, and turn on a radio station that makes your children groan. After a quick music adjustment, your backyard has transformed into party central. This summer is going to be something special. Hosting the ultimate summer bash twelve weekends in a row is not a tall order if you have plenty of … Continue reading Curating a Deck You’ll Want to Entertain On All Summer

Finding Your Deck Furniture Style

When you are furnishing a deck or undertaking a full-blown remodeling project, there are many practical considerations that demand your attention, from the decking material to the climate considerations. What materials will withstand heavy rains, low temperatures, and considerable snow? What size deck can you build based on the current cost of labor and materials? Amid the logistical madness, don’t lose sight of the finish … Continue reading Finding Your Deck Furniture Style

Restoring an Old Deck: New Furniture, New Look

The slowly crumbling deck that came with your new home remains neglected, only populated with an aging plastic chair and a mismatched end table. Whether you keep it at the bottom of your to-do list or simply don’t know where to begin with your deck restoration, Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ has you covered. To fully utilize your outdoor spaces, you just need some inspiration. Here are … Continue reading Restoring an Old Deck: New Furniture, New Look

Deck Ideas for Regions With Intense Weather

Designing your perfect living room or main bedroom is difficult enough—when you undertake an outdoor living room, patio, or deck remodeling you also have to combat the elements to find the perfect balance between fashionable and functional. Families lucky enough to live in moderate climates with little rainfall and mild temperatures can get away with grabbing a wicker chair from inside and placing it on … Continue reading Deck Ideas for Regions With Intense Weather

How a Deck Can Impact Your Home’s Resale Value

Many home renovation projects can seem daunting, like adding a new bathroom or remodeling your kitchen. One of the most appealing home renovation projects is adding a brand new deck or improving an aging deck to provide the perfect setting for an afternoon barbecue or an evening of relaxation with the family. Did you also know that, with a few caveats, building a deck could … Continue reading How a Deck Can Impact Your Home’s Resale Value

Deck Ideas for Small Yards

Any backyard space is suitable for a lively entertaining area, fine outdoor dining, or a mixture of fun and fashionable decorative elements. Decks for small yards aren’t limited by their size — you simply have to be more selective with your vision and choose one to two functions for your deck. Follow our guide and bring your outdoor space to life with our backyard deck … Continue reading Deck Ideas for Small Yards