Deck Ideas for Regions With Intense Weather

Designing your perfect living room or main bedroom is difficult enough—when you undertake an outdoor living room, patio, or deck remodeling you also have to combat the elements to find the perfect balance between fashionable and functional. Families lucky enough to live in moderate climates with little rainfall and mild temperatures can get away with grabbing a wicker chair from inside and placing it on … Continue reading Deck Ideas for Regions With Intense Weather

Deck Ideas for Small Yards

Any backyard space is suitable for a lively entertaining area, fine outdoor dining, or a mixture of fun and fashionable decorative elements. Decks for small yards aren’t limited by their size — you simply have to be more selective with your vision and choose one to two functions for your deck. Follow our guide and bring your outdoor space to life with our backyard deck … Continue reading Deck Ideas for Small Yards

Deck Design Ideas

A remodeled or brand-new deck presents endless possibility. Do you go for ultra-modern pieces and clean lines to create an upscale, contemporary space? Or lean into rustic, relaxed furniture choices to cultivate a haven of relaxation and entertainment? All outdoor deck ideas should marry function and practicality with fun and form. Before you dive into planning the details of your deck and reading our top … Continue reading Deck Design Ideas

Heat Things Up! How to Keep Warm, in the Cold

The chill is on! Well, not quite, but it’s coming… and you’ll need to make preparations now so you can continue to enjoy your outdoor living space through the fall and winter. Below are some of our favorite ways at Trex® Outdoor Furniture™ to create a toasty atmosphere throughout the cold weather seasons. Light a Traditional Fireplace or Fire Pit We love the look of … Continue reading Heat Things Up! How to Keep Warm, in the Cold

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How to Purchase Patio Furniture

How much time do you take searching for the perfect living room sofa or the right style chair for a space? Usually, you don’t just run to the store and pick one up along with your groceries. Think of your outdoor furniture as an investment in your outdoor living space. Patio furniture is still furniture, and making the right investment will ensure you love your deck … Continue reading How to Purchase Patio Furniture


DIY Outdoor Fun & Games for the Family

With the Fourth of July fast approaching, we’ll all soon be busy gathering hot dogs, hamburgers, sparklers, and outdoor entertainment for guests. While setting up a sprinkler for the kids is always a great go-to, here are just a few DIY game/activity ideas to consider (and with plenty of time to get them ready for the 4th!). Ladder and Bean Bag Toss You’ll need: A standard height … Continue reading DIY Outdoor Fun & Games for the Family


Bring the Movies to Your Backyard Space

Want to create some backyard family fun this summer? Below is a simple DIY on how to make your own outdoor movie screen. Whether you invite the next-door neighbors, a group of kids, or you just want an intimate date night with your other half, grab a bowl of popcorn, a large Coke, and curl up in front of your very own “silver screen.” Here’s what you’ll need … Continue reading Bring the Movies to Your Backyard Space


Warm Up With a DIY Fire Pit

There’s nothing like roasting hot dogs or marshmallows over a crackling fire as bright specks of ember rise into the night air. A backyard fire pit is the perfect gathering spot for friends and family—a place to enjoy an impromptu cookout, a few drinks, and plenty of conversation. Don’t have a fire pit? No problem. Here’s our ultimate do-it-yourself pit, which you can create in a weekend (actually…start … Continue reading Warm Up With a DIY Fire Pit