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Relaxing Outdoor Furniture for Your Deck

Originally Published on January 22, 2020. Last Updated on July 28, 2020.

Furnishing your deck, whether it’s new or recently renovated, determines how your family will use that space for years to come. Outdoor furniture is functional. By choosing furniture items, deck layout, and décor style, you set the tone for family gatherings, weekends, and lazy afternoons.

For some homeowners, utilizing every square foot for an outdoor kitchen and dining furniture is the top priority. They envision alfresco feasts and a grill full of burgers and ribs. But for others, an outdoor deck is about one thing: relaxation.

Creating a casual oasis is a smart move for a variety of people. Maybe you have a demanding, fast-paced career. Perhaps you’re retired and wake up every morning with a to-do list of reading and brewing a fresh batch of tea. Maybe you have energetic little ones and need personal space to spread out and relax. No matter why you want relaxing outdoor deck furniture, here are the pieces you should consider to promote tranquility in your backyard.

Chaise Lounges for the Deck

What’s the first image that comes to mind when you picture yourself in a chaise lounge? For many people, this outdoor furniture piece is synonymous with sunbathing. While traditionally placed next to pools or along lakefront decks, chaise lounges are versatile pieces of outdoor furniture.

  • Sunbathing — While it’s an obvious choice, there’s a reason why chaise lounges work so flawlessly in pool-centric spaces. The contoured support and horizontal position of a chaise lounge allows you to tan evenly without straining your neck or feeling uncomfortable. Adjust to four different angles and wheel your chaise throughout the day as the sun shifts position.
  • Napping — If a canopy of trees shields your deck from the sun, don’t write off the benefits of a comfy chaise lounge. Outfitting your chaise with a cushion adds support so you can enjoy a leisurely nap in the comforts of nature at any time of day. When you’re tired of falling out of a hammock, upgrade to a durable chaise lounge to catch some z’s.
  • Reading — Bringing out a mojito and a few paperbacks to the chaise lounge on your deck sets the stage for an afternoon when time seems to slow down. Place your snacks and drinks on a convenient side table and plunge into the latest page-turner in a reclined, tension-free position. 

Deep Seating for the Deck

Plenty of practical outdoor furniture features clean lines, straight edges, and slatted seats. These pieces, like bar sets or dining chairs, keep you awake and alert while eating, sharing a drink, or powering through a tabletop board game.

Deep seating furniture, on the other hand, has generous cushions that prolong your time watching birds, sipping a mug of tea, or playing games with your family. Deep seating deck furniture has a variety of uses.

  • Chat Time — Want to catch up with guests or dissect that crazy show you just binged? Gather around a circular deep seating set and watch the evening become night while you make new memories. The quick-drying cushions’ high-performance fabric resists weather, salt, sun, mold, and mildew.
  • Snack Time — Enjoy a majestic sunrise with a platter of morning oats, a steaming cup of coffee, and a deep seating chair and ottoman facing the horizon. Deep seating furniture provides the ideal setting for an outdoor snack followed by a quick snooze while you digest.
  • Playtime — Let your kids play outdoors while soaking in the sights and sounds of your yard. All your deep seating set requires is a coffee table in the center to serve as the foundation of your child’s imagination. Keep an eye on them from the comfort of a plush deep seating sofa.

Other Furniture Ideas for Your Deck

You have several other options to complete the timeout deck of your dreams. After you’ve established zones for an outdoor deep seating set and a chaise lounge set, fill out the rest of your patio or deck with these dependable casual furniture staples.

Swings & Gliders

Installing a swing or glider along your front porch has been an outdoor furniture mainstay for hundreds of years. The gentle motion of a swing can help you lull your newborn to sleep or get you in the right frame of mind for your daily meditation.

Venture beyond your front door and place gliders in patches of your sprawling garden. A glider placed by a prize poinsettia collection allows you and your guests to admire your handiwork. Seating in the heart of nature will soothe you after a plugged-in day of meetings, projects, and spreadsheets.

Adirondack Sets

Bring your seating closer to the ground and slant it to transform a traditional outdoor chair into a spot to enjoy a s’more or watch the clouds roll by. Perfected in the eponymous mountain range in upstate New York, Adirondack chairs instantly transform any deck or porch into a relaxation haven.

If you have a fire pit in your backyard, surround it with an Adirondack chair set for a cozy conversation corner enveloped in the timeless pleasures of the outdoors. Adirondack chairs also make excellent poolside furniture, as the durable POLYWOOD® lumber won’t warp or rot even when it gets wet.


You know you want relaxing outdoor furniture, but what will fit on your deck? What is your unique style? We know you have questions – take our handy deck furniture quiz to choose furniture for your deck with confidence. After you answer a few questions, we match you with three distinct furniture set options so you can unwind outside all year long. 

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  1. It’s really satisfying if you have a good quality of outdoor furniture in your house. Thanks for your this blog. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your this blog. :). It’s really satisfying if you have a good quality of outdoor furniture in your house.

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