Deck Ideas for Small Yards

Any backyard space is suitable for a lively entertaining area, fine outdoor dining, or a mixture of fun and fashionable decorative elements. Decks for small yards aren’t limited by their size — you simply have to be more selective with your vision and choose one to two functions for your deck. Follow our guide and bring your outdoor space to life with our backyard deck … Continue reading Deck Ideas for Small Yards

A Guide to Outdoor Deep Seating Cushions (and More)

Spending time with family and friends outside is one of the most reinvigorating and enjoyable uses of free time. When outfitting your deck, patio, or porch with durable outdoor furniture you must choose between several contenders, including slatted Adirondack chairs and gentle rocking chairs that can withstand the elements and deliver hours of comfort. However, if you want the ultimate furniture piece for prolonged rest … Continue reading A Guide to Outdoor Deep Seating Cushions (and More)


Ready, Set, Go: Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture Set

Outdoor furniture sets are a dime a dozen. As soon as there’s even an inkling of spring in the air (meaning, as soon as the Christmas displays come down), retailers unbox outdoor furniture sets, tantalizing potential customers with attractive outdoor living displays, perhaps a gazebo, and always a grill. But with so many options out there, how do you choose just one set? And more, … Continue reading Ready, Set, Go: Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture Set


Rockport Collection

The Rockport Collection definitely brings the comfort of indoor living outside and can turn your outdoor entertaining area into the ultimate space for total relaxation! It’s stylish, roomy and oh-so-comfortable. Now all you need is a fire, some friends and your favorite team on the big screen. The Rockport Collection has a lot more to offer than just good looks, though. Like strength and durability. Trex® … Continue reading Rockport Collection