Fun Fall Drinks & Cocktails to Stave Off the Autumn Chill

We’re always looking for ways to warm up on a chilly fall day, and we believe in year-round outdoor living. What better way to sit outside than with a beverage to warm your insides? Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite drink recipes for this fall, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Hot Chocolate This recipe from TV personality and chef Alton Brown employs a pinch … Continue reading Fun Fall Drinks & Cocktails to Stave Off the Autumn Chill

Outdoor Entertainment for Football Season

You’ve been waiting for this season all year long—that time for tailgates, making sure you’ve ordered the right sports package on TV, and donning your team colors. Whether you cheer for the blue and gold, the crimson and white, the blue and orange, or any other color… show your team spirit loud and proud with outdoor entertainment for football season (well, maybe not too loud, … Continue reading Outdoor Entertainment for Football Season

Create Show Stopping Tablescapes

Dress your outdoor coffee tables and end tables in style by adding accessories that showcase your home’s personality. You can do this whether the tables reside on your porch, the middle of your garden, or even inside. We’re big on bringing the indoors out, so here are our Pinterest-worthy picks for stylish tablescapes for any season. The Perfect Formula UK blogger Kimberly Duran, of Swoon Worthy, … Continue reading Create Show Stopping Tablescapes


Host the Perfect Winter Party

Want to be the consummate party host, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. At Trex Outdoor Furniture, not only do we know how to create durable, timeless outdoor furniture, our party planning game is on point. Yes, we know it’s still pretty chilly outside, but with our tips you can throw a party any time of the year. Theme Are you … Continue reading Host the Perfect Winter Party


Bring the Movies to Your Backyard Space

Want to create some backyard family fun this summer? Below is a simple DIY on how to make your own outdoor movie screen. Whether you invite the next-door neighbors, a group of kids, or you just want an intimate date night with your other half, grab a bowl of popcorn, a large Coke, and curl up in front of your very own “silver screen.” Here’s what you’ll need … Continue reading Bring the Movies to Your Backyard Space