Outdoor Rocking Chair

How to Buy an Outdoor Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs have been the preferred method of watching a sunset or soaking in the world outside your front door for nearly three centuries. Rocking chairs were initially used primarily in gardens, and resembled simple dining chairs with sloped rockers attached to their feet. We’ve come a long way in furniture design over the course of 300 years, and now there are a dizzying variety … Continue reading How to Buy an Outdoor Rocking Chair


Off the Rocker: A Brief History of One of America’s Favorite Chairs

President John F. Kennedy utilized a custom-designed rocking chair to help his chronic back pain, keeping one of the iconic chairs in nearly every room of the White House. Author Harper Lee plunked her characters down in rocking chairs in To Kill a Mockingbird. Enter any child’s nursery, and you’ll find some form of chair that rocks—glider, rocking armchair, or traditional rocker. And your grandparents or … Continue reading Off the Rocker: A Brief History of One of America’s Favorite Chairs


Yacht Club Collection

Seaside or poolside, the Yacht Club Collection will turn your deck into a marina-inspired haven that’s perfect for socializing with friends or relaxing on your own. Designed with clean, straight lines and topped off with a unique headboard, this collection is unmatched when it comes to class and style. And don’t worry about it matching your décor. With 7 color choices, you’re sure to find one … Continue reading Yacht Club Collection