How to Plantscape Your Deck

Does your deck look a little empty? Are you beginning to regret that unobstructed view directly into the kitchen of your overly-friendly neighbors? Whether you’re looking to revitalize your deck design or simply add a little privacy, infusing your deck with life will do the trick. Plantscaping a deck may seem like a challenge, but we’re here to take the guesswork out of the yard … Continue reading How to Plantscape Your Deck

4 Deck-Friendly Gardens to Brighten Your Outdoor Space

Many homeowners dream of spending sleepy summer evenings relaxing in their own outdoor oasis, complete with a cozy seating area and a flourishing landscape filled with vibrant vines and blooming flowers. However, when faced with a limited amount of deck space or a small yard, they become discouraged and are often left to choose between having a garden or an outdoor lounge.  The truth is, … Continue reading 4 Deck-Friendly Gardens to Brighten Your Outdoor Space


Backyard Privacy Tips

When I step out onto my backyard deck, I can see into all the surrounding yards—five, in fact. That’s the downside of living in a hilly area; my deck sits about 9 feet off the ground—way above my 6-foot-high privacy fence. Thus, I’m privy to all my neighbors’ habits—the woman who drinks her coffee while smoking a cigarette across the fence, the elderly Hindu man to the right … Continue reading Backyard Privacy Tips