Outdoor Space Ideas for Homeowners

How big or how small your outdoor space is doesn’t define how you use the area. In fact, no matter your outdoor square footage, you can create an exquisitely designed patio, porch, deck, yard, or garden area that fulfills all your wants and needs. Read on for plenty of tips on how to maximize your enjoyment with top outdoor space ideas. Outdoor Space Ideas for … Continue reading Outdoor Space Ideas for Homeowners

Making the Most of Your Small Outdoor Space

How big is your outdoor space? If you live in the middle of the city, you may have a small patio or a narrow strip of yard. As an apartment dweller, you might be limited to a small porch or balcony. Your coastal home may feature stunning views from your small deck.  Small outdoor spaces are rife with big opportunities. A more limited outdoor area … Continue reading Making the Most of Your Small Outdoor Space

Deck Layout Ideas

You’ve started construction on your dream deck. You’ve budgeted, consulted a contractor, decided on materials, and are counting down the days until your first celebratory cookout. As you begin mulling over the furnishings of your deck, you may become frazzled trying to decide on a layout and what furniture to buy. You should have a strong idea of what will fit on your deck and … Continue reading Deck Layout Ideas