Dressing Up Your Patio for Halloween

Originally Published on October 16, 2017. Last Updated on October 21, 2020.

Ghosts, skeletons, and zombies, oh my! Halloween is lurking right around the corner (waiting to grab you!). The stores are stocked with spooky masks, skulls, and rows upon rows of Reese’s, Kit Kats, and Snicker’s bars… all in “fun” sizes.

What better way to create a thrilling display for Halloween than by decorating your outdoor space for the eerie evening? Here are some of our favorite ideas for haunting your house… or at least your yard… and a few less spooky ideas, too.

Ghastly Figures

Fill the eaves of your porch, the trees in your front or backyard, or your deck with spooky apparitions to scare the neighborhood kids. These crafty hanging Halloween ghosts from the DIY Network employ white mylar balloons, black duct tape, and cheesecloth as they swing back and forth in the breeze.

Get the full instructions here.

In the Graveyard

You don’t need anything fancy to create a yard full of bones. Purchase inexpensive Styrofoam grave markers from any retail store (even the dollar stores offer them this year) and create a frightening scene right in your front yard.

For added effect, scatter some fake bones or skeletons … and consider adding a spotlight or two to enhance the visual effect at night. Or get creative and create your own grave markers (“R.I.P. Here lies mom. At rest … finally,” sounds pretty accurate to us).

The Trees are Alive

This is maybe one of our favorite Pinterest Halloween projects for a front yard with trees or bushes. Tuck two plastic pumpkin buckets painted like eyeballs into the branches of your landscaping to give neighbors an eye-opening surprise. Check out this easy 30-minute tutorial from Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons.



Classic Jack-O’-Lanterns

Scoop out those stringy guts and seeds, and get carving on your pumpkins. Good old-fashioned jack-o’-lanterns never go out of style. Place them around your patio, or line your steps with them to light the way for trick-or-treaters. Check out “Good Housekeeping’s” best pumpkin-carving tips and tricks here to minimize the carving frustration and the mess.

Witches Flying All Around

You don’t have to actually see the witch to know she’s there. Simply prop a broom or two against your porch wall, and, with fishing twine, suspend black witches’ hats along the underhang of your porch to give visitors the idea that if they come too close, you’ll put a spell on them. This tutorial from Polka Dot Chair also shows you how to illuminate the witches’ hats with light sticks.

Pumpkin Topiaries

And now for something not so spooky. Stack craft pumpkins and add some seasonal sprays of berries to turn a plain planting urn into something more sophisticated that will last all fall.

You can find realistic-looking craft pumpkins at any craft retailer. Purchase several in graduated sizes to make these beautiful topiaries that will flank your front or back door all season long… and next Halloween season too. This tutorial from Diva of DIY breaks down the simple steps.

Happy haunting!

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