4 Deck-Friendly Gardens to Brighten Your Outdoor Space

Many homeowners dream of spending sleepy summer evenings relaxing in their own outdoor oasis, complete with a cozy seating area and a flourishing landscape filled with vibrant vines and blooming flowers. However, when faced with a limited amount of deck space or a small yard, they become discouraged and are often left to choose between having a garden or an outdoor lounge.  The truth is, … Continue reading 4 Deck-Friendly Gardens to Brighten Your Outdoor Space

5 DIY Gardening Projects for Summer

Are you a seasoned gardener who spends hours outside, carefully tilling soil, weeding, and planting? Or is your green thumb not so green? Whether you’re a master gardener or someone who can’t keep a plant alive, gardens—even small ones—add a tailored look to any outdoor space. Fortunately, you don’t have to go all in with hundreds of sculpted bushes and hard-to-care-for plants. Here are five … Continue reading 5 DIY Gardening Projects for Summer

Preserve Your Herbs

As summer has drawn to a close, don’t let your herbs die without harvesting the remainder of that bright summer flavor. Let’s break down how to harvest and preserve your plants so you can infuse your dishes with the aromatic herbs year round. Assuming your herbs are outside, as a general rule, make sure to try and harvest the remainder of your plants well before … Continue reading Preserve Your Herbs