Outdoor Porch Ideas

When you pick up a shelter magazine or browse Pinterest or Instagram for home ideas, you probably see photo after photo of homes with press-worthy front porches. After all, what’s more picturesque and iconic than a classic front porch?  Not only does a porch hint at a slower pace of life and that nostalgia of simpler days, porches also set the tone for your home, … Continue reading Outdoor Porch Ideas


Pool Deck Furniture Ideas for Homeowners

Water sparkles as the sun warms the day, its light reflecting off the crystalline blue of the pool. Whether you’re going for a daily dip or just lounging poolside, few things match the pleasures of enjoying a summer day spent outside by the water.  And while perfecting your butterfly stroke or floating on a raft offers the perfect way to cool off, relaxing or dining … Continue reading Pool Deck Furniture Ideas for Homeowners