How “Forest Gardens” Are Saving Lives in Africa

Lack of opportunity. Hunger. Malnutrition. Each of these coexists throughout Africa and results in crippling inequalities that lead to endless cycles of poverty. While eliminating these issues goes a long way toward providing a better life for those in the developing world, the solution isn’t as simple as just throwing money at the problem. That’s where Trees for the Future comes in. Trees for the … Continue reading How “Forest Gardens” Are Saving Lives in Africa

Outdoor Party

Outdoor Party Ideas on Chilly Nights

Looking to throw a party but the weather is still colder than you’d prefer? Don’t head for the indoors. You can still invite family and friends over and host a successful gathering… Even during the coldest time of the year. We’re all about coming up with ways to extend entertaining to the outdoors, no matter the temperature. But how do you host guests without turning … Continue reading Outdoor Party Ideas on Chilly Nights

Winter Drinks

10 Warm Winter Drinks

‘Tis the season to stay cozy and warm! And what better way to warm up your insides than with a few piping-hot beverages? Whether you’re hosting friends and family at your home for the holidays, or you’re just wanting a single cup of comfort, here’s a roundup of some of our favorite hot holiday drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic)… with a twist.  The White Nun … Continue reading 10 Warm Winter Drinks